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J. G. Munro & Associates have been consulting engineers to industry and local authorities for over twenty years, specialising in machinery and work equipment EU law.

The last few years has seen us gain valuable experience in other areas of service, not normally the domain of mechanical engineers or safety practices, such as underwater services and proactive construction of risk assessments on Zoological services

Since the mid nineties there has been a number of work equipment related Directives, implemented in National laws, all of which are aimed at safety and health, not just in the workforce but also in relation to members of the public, structures, animals and the environment.

Most manufacturing or service companies have taken some or a large proportion of these Directives on board in an effective and professional manner. The areas of these Directives are varied in nature, to include machinery per sae, electromagnetic characteristics, Low Voltage machines, Pressure Equipment, Construction Products and general Product Liability..

\the  duty placed upon manufacturers, designers and users is the Council Regulation on Construction Products, which has direct effect on these groups without requiring an implementation from the government.

These latter Regulations are the subject of many discussions in that the interpretation of what is applicable and to whom, appears to be somewhat confusing the issue. We have included within this site, a separate heading called CE-Fabricated steel Work, which we trust will be of assistance to the reader.

We prefer to work with the client’s staff in carrying out these certification or validation procedures, thereby achieving an added value of using the procedures as a ” learning Curve” for their staff, however, we can offer practical turnaround packages for equipment that considers the assessments, validation and CE certification of most assemblies.

We take a proactive course of action by liasing with a nominated company person, applying the necessary controls and administration processes thus freeing the individual from the time they can use productively within the main process sector.

This approach is cost effective and provides the employer with a third party overview with witnessed submissions to certification authorities

John G. Munro BE. BSC. C. Eng. is the principal of the practice and heads up all of the areas covered including lectures on EU machinery law in the University College Dublin (UCD).

John G. Munro is also the author of EU Work Equipment Legislation, 2003 and a similar reference book in 2015.