Training Courses



There are a number of EU Directives that require CE certification procedures to be carried out, most notably: –

  1. Council Directive 2006/42/EC-Machinery General.
  2. Council Directive 2009/109/EC-Electrical Machinery.
  3. Council Directive
  4. Commission Regulation 305/2011-Construction Products Regulations
  5. Council Directive 97/37/EC-Pressure Equipment..

Each course can be designed for company specific requirements and durations, depending on the clients requirements can vary from 3 hours to 3 days.


This subject is divided into three (3) different modules that cover a full spectrum of knowledge and any other person involved with machinery.

MODULE I: Covers basic machinery law, CE certification and work equipment essential safety and health requirements.

Protocols addressed;;

  • European Communities (Machinery) Regulations, 2008.
  • EN ISO 12100-1
  • EN ISO 60204-1:2008

Duration 3 Hours

MODULE II: Risk assessments and the application of European Harmonsied Standards

Protocols addressed;

  • EN ISO 14121-1/2:2009-Risk Assessment techniques & examples.
  • EN ISO 12100-2:2005-Risk Assessments-General Principles.
  • Hazard quantification techniques


Risk assessments are the key to any satisfaction of legislative requirements and this course takes into consideration EU Harmonised Standards, EN ISO 12100-1, EN ISO 14121-1:2005, EN ISO 14121:2012 and EN ISO 13849-1, covering: –

  •  Risk assessment
  •  Hazard Analysis
  •   Hazard Operability Studies
  •   Preliminary Hazard Analysis
  •   What If Scenario
  •   Hazard Risk Numbers.

MODULE III Safety Related Control System Quantification

As machine assemblies become more automated as technology advances, so to must the safety related functions. The difficulty is not just establishing the Protection Level (PL) as required by EN ISO 13849-1, (PLr), but ensuring that the system AND component architecture is consistent with those requirements. To this end a great emphasis of the course is the validation of the safety related safety functions guided by EN ISO 13849-2:2012.


Duration of the course 3-6 hours or 3 days