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Special Protective Devices

Special Protective Devices are components or assemblies, that work in conjuction or addition with guards. Annex 1 of Council Directive 2006/42/EC and Schedule 1 of the European Communities (Machinery) Regulations 2008 [SI 407 of 2008}, set out the requirements for Special Protective devices,

Such devices can include, interlocking switches, used with movable type guard doors, captive key type interlocking devices as could be found on some enclosure doors, particularly in robotic installations, pressure mats located directly inside interlocked enclosure doors or light curtains, to name a few.

Hal'penny bridgeOnly the correct use of comprehensive risk assessments will allow the user to identify the controls they can use to meet the safety related performance level (Pr as identified by ENĀ ISO 13849-1) In some cases such devices will be used to compliment existing redundancy by introducing DIVERSITY within a separate circuit.