Animal Husbandry Safety

There are various circumstances surrounding work with animals, the first of which that springs to mind when we raise this subject, is that of farming or agricultural safety, however, there are other areas to be considered and indeed agricultural safety within itself is not just about animal, which we will discuss later, in the mean time let us consider the other areas related to animal safety, such as;

  • Veterinary practices.
  • Zoological gardens.
  • Stables.
  • Kennels
  • Arbetoirs.
  • Colleges.
  • Export houses.
  • Aircraft/Airports.Arbitration is essentially the settlement of a dispute between two or more parties by the decision of one or more arbitrators.

Many contracts include arbitration clauses; most notably they can be found in contracts for insurance, travel, building and machinery purchase agreements.


  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Marine (industrial & recreational) Equipment